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Mesotherapy and PRP training courses M1 - Mesotherapy and PRP training

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Module 1:

Mesotherapy and PRP training for physicians/dentists with valid licence and other medical staff (e.g. nurses).

The objective of the training course is to teach candidates the correct protocols for safe and effective meso-techniques (injections, dermapen and dermaroller), using platelet-rich plasma and the range of four different mesotherapy products. The training is run by our experienced clinical lead and AAAM board certified physician Piotr Sikorski (CEO of Cityklinikka, LAHA® expert instructor).

You will be learning about PRP procedures as well as mesotherapy products and applications including full facial rejuvenation and revitalizing procedures for skin and scalp.

Course manual, and all materials including four different mesotherapy vials (á 7,0ml) are included.


  1.  Understand and perform all mesotherapy techniques as relates to face, neck and neckline rejuvenation.
  2.  Understand how to use mesotherapy and PRP procedures to treat hairloss
  3.  Understand and perform mesoglow, mesolift, mesosculpt and hairbooster treatments
  4.  Understand the mechanism of action and the specific protocols for using platelet-rich plasma
  5.  Understand the mechanism of action and the specific protocols for using mesotherapy cocktails
  6.  Learn when and how to use the different delivery methods: traditional with needles, dermapen, or dermaroller

Daily schedule | 06.09.2018

15:00 Registration and coffee
15:00 - 16:00 Theory and protocols
16:00 - 17:00 Demonstration on patients
17:00 - 20:00 Hands-on training and discussion
20:00 Certificates


Aleksanterinkatu 17
Email: info@ccaam.net
Phone: +358 201 777 260
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